For a hospital for cancer patients children in Bucharest

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Parents of Children Suffering from Cancer Live on a Hospital Chair for Months.
As a solidarity act, each of us will sit on a chair placed in the GALATECA gallery in Bucharest, just like these parents do, day and night, restless beside the hospital bed. We will stay there until we raise 200.000 euro for opening a MagicHOME able to accommodate 30 people everyday, near the biggest oncological hospital in Romania. Yet to keep this shelter running, only the monthly maintenance costs for 2018 are estimated at more than 140.000 euro. You can read more about the development plan here. If you want to sit on the solidarity chair placed in the gallery, you can schedule it here. If you want to know how you can help, learn more here. Or you can read the press release here. TAKE A SEAT


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